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In order for us to provide you with an accurate quote, please fax the first 3 pages of your phone bill to (866) Opti-Biz (678-4249).

Phone: 888-OPTI-BIZ

Fax: 866-OPTI-BIZ

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Fiber Optic T1 Modem

Optimized Business specializes in providing quotes and comparisons for Fiber Optic T1 Modem Services, phone services and hardware solutions for small to large telephony application users. Our company learns your telephony applications, so that we can provide you with competitive quotes on your Fiber Optic T1 Modem Services and suggest potential upgrades to your system. The greatest benefit of working with Optimized Business is that we can provide you with special discounted pricing for the Fiber Optic T1 Modem Services you need and use everyday, from the very same Fiber Optic T1 Modem Service providers that you know and trust. Under the Optimized Business umbrella, we receive discounted pricing on Fiber Optic T1 Modem Services due to our large volume of customers.
Along with providing cost efficient pricing, Optimized Business also provides reliable Fiber Optic T1 Modem Services and Support, starting from installation and following through out the life of your account. This makes it easier to upgrade your Fiber Optic T1 Modem Services at anytime and provides you with our superior customer support to assist you and your business in any telephony and/or Fiber Optic T1 Modem Service/product failure occurrence. Our staff will contact the Fiber Optic T1 Modem Service provider on your behalf, and assist in the resolution of the issues.

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